Stefano Vazzoler

Hi! I'm Stefano, a Computer Engineer, Student, and Geek currently living in Vancouver, Canada.

I'm interested in everything tech, privacy, and security.

I'm a student at The University of British Columbia.


I sometimes write articles and tutorials, happy reading!

Contact Me

There are many ways to contact me, depending on who you are, how fast you expect a reply, and if you have my phone number.

Friend or Family - If you have my phone number, contact me via Signal, otherwise contact me via email.

Everyone else - Say hi via email or reach me on LinkedIn.

You can reach via email out at:


There are many projects I worked on, some of them are available on my GitHub, but here is a small list of them:


A webapp to share encrypted content with friends and family. It started as a url shortener but now is becoming much more: it can now share text, images and small files.

You can read more about custom encryption logic I wrote on GitHub.

The site will also perform some basic in-browser image compression.

A completely custom HTML/CSS/JS front end with no external libraries or dependencies, a custom GoLang backend using RedisDB to store data.

If you find a vulnerability I'd love for you to get in touch with me; this way I can patch it and depending how bad it is you might get a shout out here, a blog post, and/or a free coffee.


Would you take a sneak peek of my view? now you can!

I have a Raspberry Pi taking stills every few minutes and after applying some compression uploads them to a remote server where they will be then shared with users.

This project has backends written in Python and NodeJS, plus a front end in HTML/CSS/JS.

My Personal Website

Self Reference? Well, I completely rewrote my website to be lightning fast and be completely static. It doesn't even use JavaScript on the website!

No Ads, No Tracking, No Scripts. Just a simple, fast, efficient website that uses HTML and CSS to deliver a good experience for the users.

It takes advantage of modern web features (check out dark mode on supported browsers and devices) while failing back gracefully on older devices.


Maple is the server that I use to store my projects.

It's highly compartimentalized, well secured, and locked down. As far as I am aware it was never compromised.

If you are able to hack into it (get access to any user and/or DB) I'd appreciate if you'd let me know and you can get a shout out here and a free coffee on me!