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Hi, I'm Stefano - a Software Engineer currently working at Google.
On my free time I like ⛷️ skiing, 🥾 hiking, 🧳 traveling, and 👨‍💻 working on open source personal projects.
Talk with me about distributed systems, cloud computing, networking, and security.

Find me on Github, Linkedin, Mastodon or reach out via email at hi @!

Blog Posts

Navigating Tax Season 2024: A Financial Toolkit
2 minute read

To celebrate the 2024 tax season in Canada, I am excited to unveil Money Genie, a versatile tool for estimating your net pay, alongside a financial guide to help you build wealth in the Canadian landscape. My aim is to contribute towards making financial knowledge and wealth-building accessible to all.

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CompressionStream JS API
4 minute read

I recently came across the CompressionStream JavaScript API to allow me to seamlessly compress data on a browser.

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Site redesign
2 minute read

I've redesigned my personal site to look better, have even fast loading times, and thanks to Zola - a static site engine - easier to edit.

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Share encrypted links, text, and small files with friends and family.

HTML/CSS/JS front-end with no external libraries or dependencies, Go backend using Redis to store data, and a Go cli utility.


A Go library to parse and perform basic arithmetic operation while working with decimal numbers.

Particularly useful when trying to do calculations involving money.

Home Lab

Here's a non-exhaustive list of services I run at home:

  • Docker: run/host my sites and projects.
  • Home Assistant: monitor my home, automate lights, and control speakers.
  • AdGuard Home: DNS server to block malware, tracking, and ads.

Furthermore I practice a proper 3-2-1 backup strategy with both offline and offsite encrypted backups.
I also try to implement proper network security with a strict firewall policy, DNS request filtering/monitoring, canary files/devices across my network, and more.

Toy Language

A simple toy language interpreter written in Go.

Expands the base language with TCP networking functionality.