A New Site

May 20th, 2020

I finally found the time (and will) to rewrite my site.

Some history

The first iteration of this website was a very scrappy blog I wrote myself in HTML/CSS/JS; next I quickly moved to WordPress to more easily manage the blog - but I found WordPress to be too bloated and quite vulnerable if not properly kept up-to-date.

For a while I found a solution in Ghost, a good blogging platform that can be self hosted. The problem now is that Ghost still has some server side code it needs to run and it's a little more bloated than I'd like it to.

Back to the origins

So I decided to write the website again, focusing on simple web technologies that I feel are going to be future proof... and here we are!

This site is completely static, it does not use even a little bit of JavaScript, it does not track the users, it does not have ads, it doesn't try to do anything too fancy; it just works.

Sure, I added some fancy things like a dark theme that changes automatically on modern devices, but that just some simple CSS.

What's next?

I'd like to backport some articles from my Ghost blog, I'd like to write some new articles, and more importantly I'd like to finish my work with R3 (the new version of my custom Url Shortener).