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A View from the Sky

May 23rd, 2020

As I moved back into school residence I got quite lucky and received a room with quite a view.

I decided in one of the past weekends to use a Raspberry Pi to upload on my website a photo from my window every 10 minutes.

You can then browse the pictures by heading to


If you're on your phone you can scroll through by swiping your finger on the screen or scrolling using the bar at the bottom.

If you're on your computer use your scroll-wheel to change image or, again, scroll faster with your mouse on the bar at the bottom of the page.

Some other useful things to know are (1) tap/click the image to hide/show the controls at the bottom; (2) If you leave the page open at the latest image it will automatically update when a new one is uploaded; (3) Use the 💾 button to save an image you particularly like.


There are other interesting technical changes that you mught not realise but you will probably experience the effects. Now the scrolling through the images will be faster and the images are higher quality.

This is achieved by having 2 version for each image and loading the one with lower quality on the browser once you visit the page. As you scroll through images the website will show you the lower quality one and when you stop to see an image for more than 0.25s the page will load the full quality image.

All images (both in high quality and the pre-loaded thumbnails) are stored in your browser during the session for quicker browsing.