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Goodbye WhatsApp, Hello Signal

Jan 8th, 2021

Today is the last day for me using WhatsApp as I did not and will not accept their terms of use that require me to share the data they collect to Facebook (their owner).

Facebook gave an ultimatum requiring all users to accept by the end of the day today. I will not. Therefore I will not be using WhatsApp anymore.

Friends and family can still reach me, primary through Signal an encrypted messenger that does not collect data on you.


Signal is owned by the non-for-profit Signal Foundation and founded by donations from people like me.

Signal is recommended by many people in the security and privacy space (as seen in their website), by the European Union, and even by celebrities to protect against spying by governments or corporations.

Switching to a new platform is not easy, I've been using Signal for a long time but kept WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends who have not switched over yet. Unfortunately this compromise can't work anymore (but I will still be reachable by other means).

Signal is easy to use, secure, private, is growing rapidly, has lots of support documents and a large community to answer your questions, and for those more technically minded has their code completely public on GitHub... what more could you need?

I, as well as many many others help test future versions of Signal and the amazing development team behind the app is often faster than WhatsApp to bring certain feature to the market (even while being founded by donations and while having to rethink everything to account for privacy and security).

Signal vs Whatsapp vs Facebook - Privacy policies

What various app collect and connect to your identity based on what their respective companies shared with Apple.

Source: Forbes + Apple Store, Via: Signal Community