MastodonSite redesign - Stefano Vazzoler

Site redesign

I've redesigned my personal site to look better, have even fast loading times, and thanks to Zola - a static site engine - easier to edit.

Looking back

My personal site went through various designs always seeking faster speeds.

I started with a WordPress site, then switched to Ghost seeking better performance, wishing for a super fast static site I redesigned the site to be simpler, smaller, and avoid any JavaScript.

The last iteration of this site was super performant, loading in under a second over 3G connections transferring around 17 KiB of data.

This search for faster speed has the welcomed bonus of making my website very privacy-friendly thanks to no JavaScript and zero external dependencies.

Needing more

Although the speed was right, I was left craving for more. Things as simple as adding a blog post required me to write custom HTML every time. Furthermore the site didn't look great.

I thought about writing my own static site engine for a bit - and I might get back to this idea in the future - but that is time consuming and was not a high priority project for me.

After looking for a while without finding anything interesting I stumbled across Zola which is a simple static site generator that does just enough for what I need and not much more. It was perfect!


I'm not a graphic designer but I had fun redesigning my site and got to a point where I was satisfied. I might tweak it more in the future as time passes but for now I'm happy with it.

Zola is able to compile it super fast (in under 10ms) and allows me to write and edit blog posts in markdown which makes me very happy.


I'm not sure what the future holds for this site, only time will tell. I'd like to start writing more technical blogs, perhaps on Go (currently my go-to language for my projects).

All I can say now is... stay tuned!